Rebuild division Products

Line Power Manufacturing Corporation's Parts and Rebuild Division, a part of Electro-Mechanical Corporation, has been a leader for over 50 years in re-engineering and rebuilding electrical apparatus. Located in its own modernized 50,000 square foot facility in Bristol, Virginia, with a competent staff of electrical engineers, application specialists and factory technicians, Line Power's Parts and Rebuild Division looks forward to assisting you with your replacement parts and rebuild needs.

The Line Power Rebuilding Cycle

Step 1

Picked Up On Your Site By Our Truck and Inspected And Documented Prior To Disassembly.

Step 2

Component Parts To Be Reused Are Removed, Cleaned, Inspected, Tested, Repaired And Retested.

Step 3

The Enclosure Is Cleaned And Media Blasted.

Step 4

The Enclosure Is Repaired And Modified As Necessary To Accept New Components.

Step 5

The Enclosure Is Painted Inside And Out To Customer Specifications.

Step 6

Components And Upgrades, Such As The MAVRiC(TM) Magnetically-Actuated Vacuum Circuit Breaker Are Installed.

Step 7

The Control Components Are Installed And Wired.

Step 8

New, Modern Lighting And Asset Identification Is Installed, As Specified.

Step 9

The Completed Unit Is Delivered Back To The Customer.