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Explosion-Proof Equipment Products

Explosion-Proof Enclosures for Mining Equipment



House Electrical Components In Areas Where Permissible Equipment Is Required With Line Power’s MSHA Certified, Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Approved Enclosures. Typical Devices Requiring Such Enclosures Include:

  • Circuit Breakers For Power Distribution
  • Disconnect Switches For Power Distribution
  • Starters For Motor Control
  • Relays And Timers For Motor Control


  • Removable Aluminum Covers
  • Hinged Aluminum Doors
  • Polycarbonate Windows
  • Permissible Electrical Connectors
  • Cable Entrance Glands
  • Circuit Breaker Operators
  • Door-Mounted Push Buttons, Selector Switches And Lights


A Large Variety Of MSHA Certified Enclosures Are Available, Or Line Power Will Custom Design An Enclosure To Fit Your Dimensional Requirements And Will Acquire The Necessary Certifications And Approvals.

Complete Controller

Line Power Will Also Design And Manufacture A Complete Control System Incorporating Traditional Relays And Timers, A Programmable Controller, Or A Computer To Perform The Control Functions. Line Power Will Work With You To Acquire The Necessary MSHA Machine Approval.