Mining and Custom Products

Individual sections of the Line Power Products Catalog are available for download in Acrobat PDF Format. Click on a section below to view.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switch Houses
Tunneling & Extraction
Custom Products
Parts & Rebuild Division
Longwall Control Systems
High Capacity Longwall Power Centers
Outdoor Substations
High Voltage Grounding Resistors
High Voltage Splice Box
X/P Electrical Enclosures for Mining Equipment
Distribution Vacuum Circuit Breaker
High Voltage Couplers
64-Series Low Voltage Couplers
67-Series Low Voltage Couplers
68-Series Low Voltage Couplers
69-Series Low Voltage Couplers
107-Series Low Voltage Couplers
300-Series Low Voltage Couplers
15 kV600 Amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker
15.5kV 600 Amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker (left hand version)
15.5kV 600 Amp Front Operated Vacuum Circuit Breaker
15.5kV 1200 Amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker
15kV 600 Amp MAVRiC Mining Duty VCB Wide and Narrow
25kV 600 Amp MAVRiC Mining Duty VCB
27 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker
DTS-VCB Draw-Out Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Down Time Saver II
LP-2600 Circuit Protector
LP-2600-300 Circuit Protector

Vacuum Loadbreak Switch
Mining Duty Transformers
Mining Duty Airbreak Switch
No-Load Vacuum Reversing Switch
DTS ZCT High Voltage Sensing Audible Alarm System
Series 10 & 20 High Voltage Fuses
High Voltage Ground Monitors
Ground Fault Relay GT-137
Ground Keeper Series 1 Ground Monitors
Ground Keeper Monitors
Ground Keeper 143 Continuity Type Ground Monitor
Ground Keeper 145 Continuity Type Ground Monitor
Line Power 17-0043 Low Voltage Impedence Ground Monitor
Flange Terminators
Slip/Spill Switches
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